How to recycle and earn money at the same time?


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Plastics surround us today virtually in every step and in every area of our ​​lives. It is produced in huge quantities, but most plastic products are intended for single use only. Plastics are recyclable, but only a small portion of the produced plastics is recycled. Nevertheless, everyone can recycle as well profit from doing so.

Plastic recycling is the most profitable area in the field of recycling. It’s good to know that the Czechs  ranked sixth in Europe in sorting of waste, particularly for plastics Czech other.

Consumption of plastics has increased 20 times over the past 50 years

86% of the European plastics is exported to China

Only 20% of world plastic is recycled, the rest is still burned

Profits in the recycling industry in 2014 were estimated at 372 billion EUR

This creates a lot of opportunities for investors to profit from being interested in recyclix itself. In Rotterdam (the Netherlands) they are testing what potential there is for roads made not from a traditional asphalt, but rather from a recycled plastic. The idea was introduced by Volker Wessels and for the production of plastic blocks, they want to use recycled plastic, especially the ones found in the sea.

Polish Company Recyclix on the other hand, focuses on recycling process of polyethylene and polypropylene, which is one of the world’s most widely used plastic. The company is not only a businessman which you can sell the raw waste to, but you can also  participate as an investor in the company and share the profits of the company.

When you register for free, you can see how you can actively take part in the company. Buy waste that is recycled after five weeks in a form of granulate and you will be credited with a profit  of 14%. If you decide to give a  Recyclix try, here’s the link. The website is quite clear and in English. Payment is via Paypal, directly to your account, or to your bitcoin account.

We have been using Recyclix for four months now and it’s one of the many ways out there you can invest online, so bear in mind that you should diversify, there are even more stable alternatives. Just don’t forget to sort your waste and plastics at your home.